Green Power

Help make our future green

Through Bow Valley Power and in partnership
with Green Alberta Energy, you can help promote
and sustain existing renewable energy facilities.

Simple, Easy & Affordable.

In partnership with Green Alberta Energy, Bow Valley Power is able to offer EcoLogo certified green power to homes and businesses throughout Alberta. Electricity customers have the option to add green to any of our rates, fixed or floating.

The base cost is 1.66 cents/kWh and the percentage you want to green is totally up to you. Simply select the percentage of your electricity that you want to green after you choose your power rate on the sign-up form.

How Does it Work?

The electricity grid is like one huge bath tub with two taps filling it up. One tap is green (representing green power) and the other is grey (representing conventional power). When water pours into the tub, it’s all mixed together, water leaving the tub is a mix of the different types of water used to fill the tub.

When you buy green, you ensure that for each cup of mixed water you remove from the tub, you are putting one cup of green water into the tub to replace what you’ve taken out. As more and more people buy green power, there will be more and more green power sources feeding our grid, and we’ll rely less on conventional power sources which are much more harmful on our environment.

Why Buy Green?

Buying green encourages future development of renewable energy projects. Increasing the demand for green power means more renewable generation being built, which reduces our reliance on conventional (and much dirtier) methods of electricity generation (coal, natural gas...). This has all kinds of benefits - cleaner air, healthier people, less pollution and the list goes on.

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Green Value Rate - 5.79 ¢/kWh

As a special price offered to new customers that participate in helping to green the grid, we have reduced the energy rate to 5.79 cents per kWh. All you have to do is commit to green a minimum of 30% of the energy you consume monthly. For the average consumer this will cost you about 10 cents per day.

You may select any desired amount of green. 30% is just the minimum requirement in order to access this special price.

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s simple. For new customers signing up with Bow Valley Power, you will be prompted to select your desired green percentage after you choose any power rate on the sign-up form.

To add green to your existing account, just email us at, or phone (403) 621-3525 and let us know what percentage of your monthly usage of electricity you would like to green. We will complete the application paperwork on your behalf and send you back a notification of confirmation.